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Contents Volume 1

Part I

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
English in comparison with other languages

Chapter 3
The overpowering force of a feudal language
Heed these words

Chapter 4
The International Effect-a preparatory reflection
The seeming coincidences

Chapter 5
The Nations
Asian capitalistic countries
Hong Kong
The South American continent
The Middle East
United States of America
The Jews
South Africa
Great Britain

Part II

Chapter 1
Introducing India

Chapter 2
The indicant words

Chapter 3
The general social affects
Mr., Mrs.& Miss.
Effects on the young
Stunting of Physical Features

Chapter 4
The officialdom
The officialdom

Chapter 5
The Police
Police Behaviour and Techniques of Investigation
Lorry drivers

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
Husband-Wife Relationship
Social mobility of Women
Consider the following illustrative situations
Arranged marriages
Marriage of a girl
Independence in Women
Intimacy between men and women
Men’s attitude to women & its effect on women
Love Marriages

Chapter 8
Family System

Chapter 9
The sweetness of a government job in India
Indian Bureaucratic culture
Hierarchy inside the bureaucracy
The avoidable disasters
An earthquake
The guilds
The common courtesies in English
A quotation from History
Effect of abstinence
Political control on Bureaucracy
Hierarchy from the other end
The report dt. dec 26 2003.
Making of laws and rules
The international dealings

Chapter 10
The social affects of a feudal language
An introduction
Formation of castes
A driver’s experience
The debate
The Barber
Society as a giant Computer
Vulnerability of the Black Sheep
The Blacks in the USA
Bridging the Class divide
Parks and Seaside

Chapter 11
The concept of politeness
The Metamorphosis of Respect
Towering Personalities
Manipulation of superiors
The instinctive aloofness
The lack of courtesy in social scenes in India

Chapter 12
A matter of perspective

Chapter 13
A factor of anthropology
A factor of anthropology
Envisaging a behaviour

Chapter 14
A brief page on Kerala

Chapter 15
The miscellaneous affects
Techniques of leadership
Towns and Cities of India
The incessant movement of population from villages to towns in India
Non-Sharing of knowledge
The thousand Mutinies
A humorous story
Oriental dynamism
The weakening of a people

Chapter 16
Dignity of labour
To put it briefly
The immobility of an employee in a feudal language environment

Chapter 17
Teacher and student
Parental type of behaviour by so-believed scholars and intellects

Chapter 18
The English experience
Macaulay and his theory of filtration

Chapter 19
Economy and its connection with the language of the place
Language and economy
Population Explosion

Chapter 20
Social titles and their effect

Chapter 21
Let us see the international scene

Chapter 22
The facade of tolerance

Contents Volume 2

Part III

Chapter 1
On to the wider world
What they bring
Amar Singh Rathore

Chapter 2
The generalisations
The Mixing

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Emotional stability

Chapter 5
Comparative experiences
Englishman working under a person from the feudal language area
Comparing the Indian Boss, with his English Counterpart
What happens to an English minded person when he lives in a feudal language area?

Chapter 6
Racial clubs

Chapter 7
The colonial British
The predicament of the British living in colonies

Chapter 8
Dignity of labour; and also on slavery
Dignity of Labour
Slaves of U.S.A
An incident to remember
Back to slavery
Back to dignity of labour

Chapter 9
Social homogeneity
Schools with Asian language study
From British History
Back to School

Chapter 10
Nepotism and corruption
Kind of people who might be able to migrate to the English countries

Chapter 11
Virus in the workplace
Virus in the work place

Chapter 12
The evil empires
The concept of Evil Empires
Judicial lynching

Chapter 13
Colonising the space
Space Colonising

Chapter 14
A matter of perspective

Chapter 15
The English base of USA

Chapter 16
Hatred for Britain and USA

Chapter 17
The international organisations
A report from an Indian Newspaper
Bad news for babus who pull strings for foreign contracts
Now back to UN

Chapter 18
What lends to the bravery of the English citizens?

Chapter 19
English under siege
The alien impact on English
The English under siege

Chapter 20
Computers and their striking affect on the feudal functioning
Computer and its finer affects

Chapter 21
A case study

Chapter 22
A slight digression to the literary side
The god of small things
The others
Reading English Classics

Chapter 23
The European Union
Note of caution

Chapter 24
Feudalism in Britain
The four divisions of Britain

Chapter 25
Outsourcing, racial bias etc.
The latest Indian leaders from abroad

Chapter 26
Why Britain remains great?
The Significance of Britain

Chapter 27
South Africa

Part IV

A fast paced contemplative glance at the social undercurrents that could affect the American lifestyle and society, on its impact with feudal communication software.

Chapter 1
The Mystical Powers of Language
The American Heritage
The desperate attempts
The underlying paradox

Chapter 2
The Uncommon Understandings
The double-edged face
The infection

Chapter 3
Intellectual snobbery
The need of the hour
The threat
The diabolic situation

Chapter 4
The contributions
The Stark Stupidity
The Proliferation

Chapter 5
The medievalism in India
A disturbing comparison

Chapter 6
Democracies in an oblique stance
A one-way ticket to disaster
The shallow understanding
A story

Chapter 7
The Two Indians
The Infectious Negativity
Swarming of the nation
Gullibility at its worst
A drama that may be oft repeated
The animosity

Chapter 8
Erasing social refinement
The English Student under Siege
Provoking one’s sense of refinement
The contradictions in civility
The Mental Disturbances
The infection

Chapter 9
The flawed comparisons
Need to comprehend
Implications of Space Research Collaborations
The ridiculous policies

Chapter 10
Immigration to English nations.
The colonial experience

Chapter 11
The finer aspect of job outsourcing
The Power of the Web as a media
The overwhelming affects
The foolish opportunity
The fragility of superiority
A single parameter of globalisation

Chapter 12
The natural component of leadership
The social embedding

Part V

Chapter 1:
The generalisations

Chapter 2
Mental Effects, including telepathic effects



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