MARCH of the EVIL EMPIRES; English versus the feudal languages! - VOL 1


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This is a book containing a revolutionary idea about understanding society, human behaviour, history, anthropological features and many other aspects of human beings.

The basic understanding that is being put forward is that languages, which are the software for human communication, are powerful media, which not only can help in communication, but also does contain extremely powerful designs and programs, which literally design all societies.

Languages are actually powerful machines that can create a definite and pre-definable pattern, along which all human beings arrange themselves, to form different societies.

The central idea in this pioneering book is that language/s of a social system hold almost all codes that designs it. Looking at this idea from pristine-English, one may not understand what I am trying to convey.

For, English a sort of planar-language. Everything and everyone are placed in a single plain in the language codes. There is only one single YOU, YOUR, YOURS, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER HERS &c.

In feudal languages, there are many levels for all of these words of addressing or referring to.

Feudal languages create human emotions, which cannot be even imagined in a pristine-English mind. In fact, feudal-language speech has ferocious carnivorous codes. This is the real problem that has historically affected all feudal language nations.

People are wary of being addressed or referred to by persons, who do not come in the same social or functional hierarchy in which they belong and they are at home. For, the persons who are outside this hierarchy can use any level of usages which they want and can get away with.

However, when a feudal-language speaker arrives in a native-English nation, they experience a mental feeling of some great kind of salvation.

In fact, individuals who have lived at the various lower levels in their own native-locations find that they have no more, higher positions or individuals when they reach a native-English nation.

However, it is a very complicated scenario.

In feudal language nations, a slender percent of the individuals live on the various upper levels, enforcing the terrific verbal crushing on the various other individuals.

But then, the lower placed populations do have a very powerful weapon in their hands. If they use the same crushing verbal usages on their higher-ups, the higher-ups would literally fall into a very dirty-stinking gorge.

In fact, the exact social scenario inside a feudal-language nation is that of a slender percent of the individuals continually keeping a wide array of populations defined as some level of excrement.




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